Conservatoires UK Research Ethics Committee

The CUK REC consists of one or more CUK REC representatives at each CUK institution, typically the Head or Deputy Head of Research and one other representative with appropriate qualifications (e.g. Head of Quality Assurance or a member of staff with responsibility for data protection).

The Committee thus has 16 members, of whom those who have not been involved in the submission of an application will be eligible to comment on it. Committee members in 2022-2023 are:

  • Dr Karen Wise (GSMD) – Chair

  • Dr Joe Parslow (RCSSD) Secretary

  • Garth Bardsley (RNCM)

  • Professor Joshua Dickson (RCS) 

  • Dr Adam Whittaker (RBC)

  • Alistair MacDonald (RCS) 

  • Ann Sloboda (GSMD) 

  • Dr Carrie Churnside (RBC) 

  • Dr James Lea (RWCMD) 

  • Professor Selina Busby (RCSSD) 

  • Professor Bryce Lease (RCSSD) 

  • Dr Bethany Whiteside (RCS) 

  • Dr Sara Ascenso (RNCM) 

  • Dr Michelle Phillips (RNCM) 

  • Dr Mary Stakelum (RCM) 

  • Catherine Haber (Trinity Laban) 

  • Dr Briony Cox-Williams (RAM) 

  • Dr Maia Mackney (GSMD) 

  • Dr Cydonie Banting (RAM)

  • Sinead Walsh (CUK Student Network Chair)

Applications will be considered by all members of the Committee except the CUK REC representative who has signed the application and any co-investigators who are also members of the Committee. Researchers’ names and the details of projects will be treated as confidential within the Committee.

Applications made or signed by the Chair will be administered by the Deputy Chair.

Applications are stored centrally by the CUK REC Administrator and distributed to the committee members by email.

Outcomes will be as follows:

  • Approval (which must be unanimous), which may include recommendations
  • Revise, according to requirements form the CUK REC
  • Reject, with no possibility of revision

The Chair will facilitate discussion by e-mail of applications for which approval is withheld by one or more members of the Committee.

Outcomes will be communicated and Certificates of Approval, where granted, will be issued by the Administrator. Revisions, if necessary, must be checked by the CUK REC representative and signed off again before the application is resubmitted to the CUK REC.

Public Minutes