What Conservatoires offer

There are many reasons why the UK is the natural destination for anyone in search of a conservatoire education.
Leeds Conservatoire
Leeds Conservatoire

Some of the key reasons why UK conservatoires are particularly attractive include:

The rich cultural life of British cities

The cultural richness of British cities is acknowledged everywhere. It is rooted in a long-standing tradition of government support for the arts, and in institutions of world renown, such as the Hallé Orchestra, the Royal Opera, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Ballet, Welsh National Opera and the BBC. But the British arts scene is equally renowned for innovation. From British New Wave pop bands to Brit Art, British art is distinguished by its daring, self-questioning spirit, while Britain’s creative industries are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the UK economy.

Training in the language of global communication

Training in English equips a professional artist to work almost anywhere in the world.

International ambience

Studying at a UK conservatoire naturally gives an insight into British culture; it also gives quick and easy access to global contexts. All CUK conservatoires have large numbers of international students, as well as teachers and professors of world renown, and their presence adds greatly to the value of UK conservatoire education.

Strength in Higher Education

British higher education is acknowledged everywhere as world-class. CUK conservatoires share in the spirit of expertise and free intellectual enquiry with a special collaborative identity that has led to their success and to outstanding levels of employability.