Our communities

We at CUK realise that a conservatoire is not just a collection of individuals, who meet only when working together. It is a community, which needs a proper community spirit to thrive.
Royal Academy of Music – Photo by Roscoe Rutter

To encourage this spirit, we strive to take care of our students, as well as educate them. We understand that student life can be stressful, and we provide student support officers and counsellors. They are available to all students to discuss emotional and financial problems in complete confidence. All conservatoires help students to gain access to medical services, in some cases with on-site medical facilities. They also offer therapies that are of particular relevance to performing arts students, such as Alexander Technique, Yoga and Pilates.

In addition, CUK members offer considerable practical help. All of them provide accommodation for a significant proportion of their students, as well as facilities for social life, such as bars and cafés. Every student is a member of their conservatoire’s Students’ Union, which represents the views and needs of the students in the decision-making process of their institutions, as well as connecting with the wider UK conservatoire community through the CUK Student Network.