Conservatoires explained

British higher education is acknowledged everywhere as world-class. CUK conservatoires share in the spirit of expertise and free intellectual enquiry with a special collaborative identity that has led to their success and to outstanding levels of employability. On average over 94% of CUK graduates found employment within six months of gaining their degree.
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Admissions Process

Read further information on how you might audition and apply to study at one of the CUK conservatoires.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding conservatoire training.
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Junior Departments and Community Activity

The UK’s conservatoires deliver high-quality weekend training for children and young people who show exceptional potential and commitment in music, dance and drama.

Studying at a conservatoire

There are many reasons why the UK is the natural destination for anyone in search of a conservatoire education.
Leeds Conservatoire

The Contemporary Conservatoire

Although we share a vision of what a conservatoire should be in the 21st century, we believe in a plurality of approaches. The eleven conservatoires of CUK are not identikit institutions. They each have their own strengths, their own history, their own style and mix of arts disciplines.