Our students

Our students come from all over the world, though the majority come from the UK. Their stories are all different, but typically they enter a conservatoire at the end of their school career aged 18 or 19, though they may enter as young as 16 or as mature students.
Royal Birmingham Conservatoire – Photo by Greg Milner

How we choose them?

This is on clear evidence of performing ability, judged by practical audition (or in the case of composers and theatre designers, a portfolio of work). Overseas students need to demonstrate skills in spoken and written English to a minimum level. (See ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS for more details).

Where they go

Some undergraduate students choose to remain in higher education to complete a higher degree such as a Masters degree.

Many go straight into the performing arts world. Increasingly our graduates create freelance portfolio careers in which individuals will use a range of different skills, such as performance, technical theatre, production, management, recording, media, and teaching. Our courses recognise the need for artists and arts practitioners to have many skills, and be flexible and creative in their use.