Further points for consideration

All the institutions comprising Conservatoires UK have their own policies on the good conduct of research and procedures for investigating misconduct, based on the UK Research and Innovation Policy and Guidelines on Governance of Good Research Conduct. All researchers, whether directly or indirectly funded by one or more of the UK Research Councils, are bound by this policy. Please ensure that you are also familiar with the principles and guidance set out in the UK Research Integrity Office’s Code of Practice for Research and Misconduct Investigation Procedure.

All Conservatoires UK institutions have internal research ethics committees and procedures to be followed by all those undertaking research at their own institutions, regardless of whether the research has received ethical approval from another source.

Researchers who are not affiliated to an institution, affiliated to an institution without an internal research ethics committee and/or who wish to undertake research at one or more participating Conservatoires UK institutions can apply for ethical approval from the CUK REC. See the application forms.

Ethical approval to undertake research involving human participation does not imply permission. Permission to undertake research at a specific institution must be obtained from that institution before the research is carried out.